Fruit Salad


Easy Fruit Salad

This can easily be taken to class and is a great way to get some fruit into your diet. Tailor this recipe to you and your taste! Enjoy! 


Ingredients (all ingredients are optional and any fruit you desire can be used! Get colorful, it’ll be a great photo op)

-Apples, cored and cubed

-Blueberries, fresh or frozen

-Strawberries, fresh or frozen

-Peaches, fresh, canned or frozen

-Grapes, whole or halved


-Lemon juice

-Any other fruit you may have laying around 

                  Recommendations: kiwi and/or mandarin oranges


1.         Wash and prepare fruit. Don’t prepare bananas until you’re ready to eat.

2.         Combine fruit into a big bowl and evenly mix. If using canned fruit, add some of the juice to make it nice and juicy!

3.         Add a tablespoons of lemon juice, or however much to mix throughout the salad. This prevents the apples from browning. 

4.         Enjoy your fruit salad and don’t forget to snap a pic!

Time and money savers:

·     Although fresh fruit is always great, it can be expensive and go bad really quickly. Kroger’s organic brand, Simple Truth, has bags of frozen fruit for $2.50. Frozen fruit can be stored for longer and still offers great nutritional value!

·     When making a fruit salad, try making it the night before! This way, while it is stored in your fridge, the frozen fruit can thaw by the time you’re ready to eat it the next day. 

·     Tips for buying canned fruit: try to find cans that have light syrup or no syrup because the syrup adds extra sugar.

·     Go for store brand products! Typically they are cheaper and may be included in store sales. Usually they taste pretty similar to the name brand too!

·     If you are able to buy fresh fruit, remember to not over buy. This will save you money and decrease food waste.

·     Some stores also have discounted shelves or bins for “ugly” fruit. These fruits may have some bruises or be oddly shaped but they are just as delicious. Search for that shelf and save money!

·     Have bananas that are going bad? Pop them in the freezer! They can then be easily used for banana bread or smoothies—along with your other frozen fruit!

·     Frozen grapes are a sweet and tasty snack. Take them off the vine and stick them in the freezer until you’re ready to eat!

Katie Harpham