This page is being used to conduct Officer Elections for the 2019 Calendar Year

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Available Officer Positions:

  • VP Operations

    • Leads the operations committee, which manages the ordering, planning, and layout of the buy events, as well as the back-end of supporting services

  • VP Nutrition

    • Leads the nutrition committee, which creates recipes, conducts live cooking demonstrations, and helps cook brunch on select buy events

  • VP Outreach

    • Leads the outreach committee, which is tasked with promoting awareness of the buys, expanding the club, and general marketing

  • VP Finance

    • Responsible for BFF’s finances, including keeping accurate books, communicating to committees their allowable budget, approving purchases, and filing taxes annually

  • Secretary

    • Responsible for booking appropriate rooms, taking and filing meeting minutes, and ensuring all non-profit requirements are being fulfilled

  • Director of Web

    • Responsible for keeping the website up to date, posting and ensuring the functionality of the website for upcoming bulk buys, and communicating to other Exec members as to the capabilities of the website

  • Director of Customer Service

    • Responsible for the customer experience. This includes how easily the buying experience is, how they communicate with BFF, and how promptly their questions are answered through website submissions or over the phone inquiries