We're working to fight food insecurity, and we need your help.

Best Food Forward started as the Ohio State University Eminence Class of 2019's service project with the focus on fighting food insecurity on Ohio State's campus. We're looking to expand our impact and become the pre-eminent force in fighting food insecurity in the area by taking on new service and expansion initiatives.

The Best Friend Fund

Best Food Forward is trying to accumulate a fund to support individuals who are unable to afford food, even at our deeply discounted prices, in the event of calamity or unexpected events. Since we attempt to break-even on our bulk buys, we do not have a constant stream of revenue to support this fund. We'd appreciate any donation to help support our mission to fight food insecurity. 

Expansion and Non-Profit Status

Ohio State was a great first market to fight food insecurity in, but there are many more neighborhoods in Columbus and in Ohio that can benefit from our bulk-buying model. We're constantly exploring expansion opportunities and are in need of assistance in raising funds to apply for our non-profit status ($950, plus legal fees), as well as funding unforeseen costs associated with expansion. 


If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to bestfoodforward@osu.edu.  

We appreciate any donation, and will provide updates on how your donation is put to use. 

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