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Best Food Forward strives to make healthy produce affordable and accessible to the Ohio State community, but we know that after the rent is paid and tuition is taken care of, there might not be much left in your budget for fresh food. This is why we started the Best Friend Fund. Any undergraduate or graduate student can apply on a rolling basis to the Best Friend Fund and receive a free or subsidized package. Just fill out the short survey below to determine your eligibility for the program. Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of packages that are distributed at a reduced price each week, so we ask that participants who can afford the $6.99 package not enroll in the program. 

We strive to make a more equitable, stigma-free food culture at Ohio State. Best Friend Fund aims to lower the financial barrier to access to healthy food on campus. Also remember that we are here to service the OSU community the best we can, so if you have any suggestions on how we can do a better job or comments about what you like, please let us know!

To apply, please complete the form below

Name *
The food that (I/we) bought just didn’t last, and (I/we) didn’t have money to get more.” Was that statement often, sometimes, or never true for (you/your household) in the last 12 months? *
“(I/we) couldn’t afford to eat balanced meals.” Was that often, sometimes, or never true for (you/your household) in the last 12 months? *
In the last 12 months, did (you/you or other adults in your household) ever cut the size of your meals or skip meals because there wasn't enough money for food? *
How often did this happen—almost every month, some months but not every month, or in only 1 or 2 months? *
In the last 12 months, did you ever eat less than you felt you should because there wasn't enough money for food? *
In the last 12 months, were you every hungry but didn't eat because there wasn't enough money for food? *


When will I hear back about what type of package I qualify for?

After completing the form, you will receive an email from us within a few days. If you are eligible, you will get a coupon code that can be entered at checkout.

If I want a package for the upcoming buy, is there a deadline to apply in order to receive a package on Saturday?

Yes, applications must be received by the Tuesday before the buy window closes in order to provide enough turn-around time for enrollment.

How anonymous is the process? 

We value your privacy, so during the buy pickup time, there will be no differentiation between buyers. Everyone is on the same spreadsheet and picks up the same items at the same time.  We treat all buyers like our BFFs :) 

I can’t make it to the buy. Can someone else pick up my package for me?

Yes, as long as you include their name in the notes at checkout, we will make sure your bag makes it home safely with the person you designate.